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Beguiling Bengal and Beautiful Birman

Friday, August 18th, 2006


The happy peace and tranquillity of Misty’s life has been shattered by the arrival of Tasha the all-bouncing Bengal kitten.
Now for those who are not familiar with Birman’s they are very laid back, and have been known to sleep for twenty-three of the twenty-four hours in the day, only awakening for natures call, oh! And of course food.


So having a new playmate that only seems to sleep for five minutes in a day and thinks your tail is a great big fluffy toy to swing on is very bewildering for poor old Misty.
However, I am sure in time Misty will teach Tasha the benefits of a good long relaxing sleep.

Hot Dogs

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

Hot Dog Barnaby

So half way through a very busy summer season, and with all the kennels and cattery full to capacity. Chrissie, Sophie, and myself are rushed off our feet (we would not want it any other way.) To keep the dogs nice and cool in this heat wave we once again commissioned the ever-popular paddling pool always a hit with the dogs here at Bonnybanks kennels. There is plenty of canine Capers, and splashing, to help cool some very hot dogs down.
With the beautiful Ayrshire countryside looking like a picture postcard, the summer certainly has got off to a perfect start.

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