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Thunder From Down Under

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008


 “G’day cobbers” I was like a dingo with two tails when I found out I was going back to Bonnybanks Boarding kennels for a short stay, those friendly old pommy’s down there certainly know how to look after a bloke on his holidays.  There’s always plenty of tinny’s.. . .  Of dog food; you get a fair suck of the pineapple when it comes to time in the playground hanging out with all the Bruce’s and Sheila’s.  Cripes! Then there’s the great Ayrshire outback, it’s a Bonzer place for an Australian cattle dog to go walkabout.So if you folks are thinking of booking up for your Summer holidays.  You better get your flaming skates on; this place is filling quicker than a pub at opening time.   


Friday, March 7th, 2008


Ernie, Long term boarder Ernie is now in his eighth week here at Bonnybanks boarding kennels.  His owner a very nice elderly lady is having to spend a long spell in hospital. Unfortunately Ernie’s future is looking somewhat uncertain.  Having come from a dog rescue centre, it looks like once more he could be returning there.  Ernie didn’t have the best start in life, but his present owner saw the special qualities and the gentle nature of this dignified little dog, in return he as  repaid her by being a loyal and faithful companion always by her side.  Ernie certainly deserves all the tlc we can give him while at our kennels.  But of course we can’t replace all the home comforts that Ernie has grown accustomed to, like raiding the fridge for a midnight snack, sleeping in front of a nice roaring coal fire, then there’s his favourite TV shows;  The Dog whisperer also for those very naughty canines Dog Borstal.Although he enjoys walks in the Ayrshire countryside around the boarding kennels Ernie’s starting to miss family life. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that there will be a happy end to this doggy tail very soon.

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