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A Wee Fable

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Once upon a time,
In a land far far away is the beautiful kingdom of Ayrshire, and there within lay the tiny hamlet of Littlemill.  Where there lived a kind and gentle fairy godmother, along with her “long-suffering, overworked, underpaid” Wizard…
of a husband.
They kept a boarding kennel that went by the name of Bonnybank; where all the happy dogs and cats came for their holidays.
One day three Labradoodles appeared in their midst, They were Toby-a-doodle, with his fine white coat, then Max-a-doodle, a very noble dog indeed with his curly locks, and finally little tiny
Millie-a-doodle, well she’s just cuddly-a-doodle.
Ho! What fun they had along with all the other dogs frolicking the day away in the lovely Ayrshire sunshine.
“What sunshine”? quiet !
But like all good things they come to an end, and the fateful day came when they had to bid farewell to the fairy godmother, and her Wizard.  Boo-hoo!
But the story has a happy ending because they will be coming back very soon.

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