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Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Sapphy my new pup

This Is Sapphy our Labrador puppy the new addition to the Bonnybank family.

I say puppy, in fact she’s 11 months old and she is now just approaching

that awkward adolescent stage of her life,You know the type of thing, the defiant glare when asked to… Come! … Sit!

Then of course I had that unsavoury task of introducing her to our Cantankerous old lady “Poppy” our beautiful Birman cat, a sprightly 14-year-old but with health issues, although of course as a puppy you don’t understand the delicate nature of cats, you just think this is another Four-legged friend to have a role around the carpet with…. “Wrong

Cats really don’t appreciate having a big Black, cold nose sniffing their bottoms, or that great long wet tongue licking their face; Sapphy was indeed on a very sharp, and painful learning curve.

But time passes by; now of course they are the best of friends, except for that one little niggling dispute; who gets to sit in front of the fire, once of course this was Poppy’s realm; she’d sprawl out and have a good old snooze in front of it without fear of being disturbed.

The very notion of having to share my fire with that big black thing is just “Outrageous!!”

Poppy snoozing in front of fire

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