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Three of the Best

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

On the windswept foreshore  just under the ruins

Of the ancient Castle

checky scamp

Here’s a sight you might happen upon

Jack a feisty Westie aboard his

All-terrain perambulator

 At the helm “Douglas”

just the 3 of us

Keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings

 Dexter a lovely gentle Golderlander.

 Jack & Dexter

Due to an Achilles tendon injury Jack is limited to light exercise

But no self-respecting Westie would want to be sitting indoors

Watching loose women on day-time TV when he could be out taking in the sea air

Jack is quickly gaining celebrity status amongst

The dog walking fraternity in the local area

So after a bracing ride/walk

The intrepid three head for home

Are we there yet ?

What’s for tea dad ?

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