♫ I’m a Labradoodle dandy ♫


Here’s one for the Ayrshire Chocoholics Anonymous; goes under the name Dixie. She’s a lovely Curly Wurly. This four-month old chocolate Labradoodle is an absolute joy to look after she’s the new stablemate of our old favourite Casey (a black Labrador) who is a regular here at Bonnybanks boarding kennels.
Not long after her arrival at the kennels Dixie soon made it clear that she wanted to be introduced to the rest of the pack. So under the watchful eye of myself, Chrissie, and of course Casey; She was let out into the playground to mingle. Dixie was an instant hit, “everybody loves a puppy” introductions over it’s down to some serious play, and with Dixey’s abundant energy and acrobatic skills she soon left the rest of the pack panting in her wake. So with her 20 minutes of fun and games over (we don’t want to over exercise a young puppy). it’s off for a quick nap in the cosy kennels under the nice warm heat lamp; reinvigorated for the afternoon’s events.

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