Understanding Dogs

At Bonnybank we understand dogs, and so we’re able to manage the way the dogs interact together making the experience pleasurable; it’s this that makes for a happy stay and a holiday for your pet. What’s more, we do all the walking ourselves and get to know the dogs on a one-to one basis.

Some dogs can be difficult in their owner’s eyes. They may be anti-social to others or timid and shy. We use patience and experience to help our boarders settle in and to interact and play happily together during their stay with us. The benefits speak for themselves: better behaved pets with confidence, happiness and energy – not lethargy.

We firmly believe that the right kennels experience is beneficial to any dog – giving confidence, happiness, exercise and a sense of well-being. Even ill-tempered dogs and those that can be anti-social, often go home with a different outlook on life.

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