Vaccination Policy

Veterinary Certificates

All pets must be fully vaccinated before admission to the kennels or cattery, including the Kennel Cough vaccine for dogs.
Proof of this is required upon registration and we ask you to bring along the documentation with you, so that we can update and maintain our own documentation, which is required by law.

Kennel Cough Vaccination

Q. What is Kennel Cough?

A. Kennel cough is a slang term used to describe a disease which is clinically called Infectious Bronchitis.

Q. Why is it called Kennel Cough?

A. Infectious Bronchitis has been unjustly awarded the term kennel cough, because it can be contracted anywhere dogs are held collectively or even play together, even a vet’s waiting room. Unfortunately kennels seem to have been awarded with the cause.

Q. Is Infectious Bronchitis a serious illness?

A. Yes, it is very contagious and can cause undue stress both to dog and owner and can last for many weeks.

Q. Is Infectious Bronchitis fatal?

A. Not normally in a healthy dog although it has been known to be in extreme cases, but it can cause other problems like pneumonia in both young and old dogs, which in turn could prove fatal. It is the induction by droplet infection of an extremely aggressive organism called Bordetella bronchiseptica and even after your dog stops coughing, it can remain infectious for up to three months!

Q. How can I make sure my dog does not contract this disease?

A. Ask your vet about INTRAC , a vaccine injected into the nasal passage of your dog, giving lasting protection for up to 10 months if you carry on with the treatment progressively.

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