Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q. Can we bring our dog on holiday with us and use the kennels for leaving the dog overnight, as we’re not allowed dogs at our hotel.

A. No problem at all, we can make arrangements for your dog at night and you can pick him or her up in the day to enjoy your holiday with you.

Q. What happens if my dog is “off colour”prior to us taking our holidays, can we still bring the dog along to the kennels?

A. We are used to administering all types of medication and even the healthiest animals often get poorly, so long as we have the correct medication and all the history we’ll do the rest, provided it is with your vet’s blessing.

Q. My dog can be aggressive to others or timid and shy, is boarding kennels a good idea?

A. We have looked after a large number of dogs, very often it depends on the dogs’ age as to whether it will adjust to kennels environment without undue stress, and obviously the level and type of abuse, if any, that the dog had previously endured. If we know the history of the case we can make sure that stressful situations never arise, and make the experience a pleasurable one. It may mean that it takes a couple or more visits before full confidence is gained, but rarely do we see a “no-hoper”.

Q. I’ve thought about using boarding kennels for the first time but worried about leaving my dog in case he or she frets, what should I do?

A. Try your dog for perhaps one or two days and nights to begin with to see how things go, prior to your holiday period, we’ll be happy to oblige and we’ll tell you the TRUTH.

Q. If my dog was previously unhappy in kennels, how would you make sure he or she is ok?

A. By making the experience as pleasurable as possible. Finding the root cause of the unhappiness and negating it with pleasure, good interaction, play sessions, walks, humanisation, good food and comfort. Mostly a sense of security.

Q. Can I bring toys and my own bedding in when I come to the kennels?

A. Certainly, we promote the idea of your dog having something from home, even dad’s trousers! We even have a Boxer that sits on a cane chair. We do use freshly washed vetbed for the kennels but if your dog prefers a dog duvee or cushion that’s fine.

Q. Does my dog have its own kennel all the time?

A. Always. We NEVER let strange dogs share kennels accomodation.
Your dog has its own kennel for the duration of its stay.

Q. How do you make sure that my dog isn’t put at risk from any infectious diseases.

A. We do everything we can to keep your dog or cat healthy and active. The kennels are disinfected EVERY day, any waste that happens is cleaned up straight away. ALL bowls, utensils are washed prior to EVERY mealtime and bedding is checked at every opportunity. We use only vet approved disinfectants in our kennels, in the right quantities. Fresh water is ALWAYS made available to the animals. Primarily the challenge to catching disease is taken care of by vaccination, secondary we make sure we have no infection by stringent cleaning and disinfection. Our record for health is exemplary.

Q. We’ve used boarding kennels before but were put off by the smell, is this a usual occurrence?

A. NO ! Boarding Kennels that are run and managed properly DO NOT smell. If your present kennel does, CHANGE !

Q. We’ve heard that dog sitters give a better service than kennels, what’s your opinion?

A. We don’t have an opinion either way, but do dog sitters dissinfect their living rooms every day?

Q. I see you have a river at Bonnybank, will my dog be allowed to swim in the river?

A. No, sorry. Even though the river is clean we cannot guarantee that water-borne disease is not present, and neither would SEPA. Your dog’s health is paramount, why put a challenge on that, for the sake of a swim. If your dog NEEDS to swim for the sake of an injury, we have access to a hydro-therapy pool and this can be arranged. “But dogs swim in rivers all the time, don’t they?” Of course they do, but we have a duty of care for your dog, so we leave nothing to chance.

Q. Do you accept male un-neutered cats?

A. Sorry no, we prefer any male cat staying with us to have been neutered.

Q. My dog has a digestion problem and can only eat freshly cooked chicken, will this be a problem?

A. No, we’re used to cooking special foods and catering for those with extra-special needs. For this service, ask specifically for our SUPACARE.

Q. We already have our dogs insured, do we need PETPLAN Insurance also?

A. No, if your policy is valid and can be provided as proof on admittance then you don’t need to pay extra for our PETPLAN Insurance. Just like you take out holiday insurance, the PETPLAN cover is only £1 per week per animal and ensures peace of mind for the duration of your pets’ holiday.

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